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Hotel Allowed More Than 900 Dogs And Their Families To Take Refuge From Hurricane Irma In Orlando

Many families in places that were anticipated to be severely affected by Hurricane Irma felt it would be best to escape and stay somewhere safe as the storm reached Florida. Naturally, many of these families had dogs as well, and none of them wanted to leave their cherished four-legged companions behind. A hotel was pleased to accept all of the storm-fleeing people and their pets. This hotel, which was fully equipped for the impending cyclone, welcomed more than 900 dogs (and a few cats) and their families.

The Hyatt Regency Orlando has always prided itself on being a pet-friendly establishment, but it went above and above when it allowed more than 900 dogs and other pets, as well as their owners, to take refuge from the hurricane.

The hotel’s marketing manager, Katie Satava, said to The Dodo:

“During Hurricane Irma, we were honored to accommodate over 4,500 visitors and over 900 pets. Our property normally welcomes pets, and we charge a $150 cleaning fee for visitors bringing their pets. Due to the conditions surrounding Hurricane Irma, we reduced the cleaning fee to $50.

Katie kept going:

We had dog walking stations outside our hotel, but due to the strong winds and rain, we moved these stations to conveniently be directly outside the lobby doors, beyond the parking lot, so visitors could let their pets out. having little impact from exposure.

At any one point during the storm, dozens of pets could be seen hanging around in the lobby, enthusiastically meeting new friends and taking advantage of their unplanned holiday. Everyone who stayed at the hotel liked how attentive its personnel was.

The majority of the animals housed at the hotel didn’t appear to be alarmed by the storm and really appeared to be having fun, just as the hotel personnel had fun with them as well.