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Dog Rescued From The Streets Still Sleeps In His Cardboard Box To Feel Safe

This dog named Captain has cozy, fluffy dog beds ready for him to enjoy every night when it’s time for bed, but he refuses to use them. Perhaps something happened to the unfortunate dog when he was living on the streets of Detroit, Michigan, and that is why he only feels secure resting in that cardboard box now (USA).

“At bedtime, a cardboard box is all he wants. He will only sleep in this cardboard box or whatever size box we currently have because that is how he has always felt comfortable while sleeping.”

On that latter point, Kristina can only speculate because she doesn’t know anything about Captain’s past or what made him feel comfortable.

The few information demonstrates that Captain’s life was not simple. He had been discovered on Detroit’s streets while hunting for food. According to Kristina, he had a red collar on and was quite ill and hungry.

Captain has been receiving the medical attention and other care he need at Detroit Dog Rescue’s (DDR) no-kill shelter since being picked up by the organization.

The captain is undergoing extensive positive reinforcement training in addition to his medical care. According to Kristina, she is indeed employed.

The captain is a kind dog that “would do anything for a tablespoon of peanut butter, has the best tail wag, and likes to show off his talents,” according to Kristina. He is incredibly nice despite everything that has occurred.

Perhaps Captain only knows how to sleep in boxes, or perhaps, as Kristina speculates, he believes he is a cat.

Captain had a really difficult life, which Kristina is certain about. And right now, she wants him to have everything: a family, a house, everything it takes for him to feel safe and loved. Of course, he also gets all the cardboard boxes he needs for the evening.