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Dog Holds His Favorite Toy at New York Shelter While Scheduled to Die

Hank, a joyful dog, will be put to sleep once more on Monday in New York City because he has been duped once more. Just eight months ago, Hank’s picture from the Animal Care Centers of NYC in Brooklyn went viral as he playedfully wagged his tail and carried his beloved toy in his jaws. Thousands and thousands of animal supporters were drawn to the cute puppy. Hank must locate a place to live quickly because his death is now expected.

A few days later, animal rights activists’ restless evenings worrying about Hank’s future came to an end. Hank was safely removed from the facility after being adopted.

Animal Care Centers of New York City released a picture of the happy puppy with his new mommy not long after the dog walked out of the shelter with joy.

The sheltered stated:

“Check out Hank! His first night with his new family is being spent with them. Sav-a-Bull deserves a lot of credit for creating this fantastic link!”

Hank, however, has been placed on the shelter’s euthanasia list after his condition and photo appeared again on Sunday night, October 29.

Friends – I have news to share! On 10/19/17, our beloved Hank was discovered as a “stray”!

He felt he had finally found his happily ever after since he won so many hearts. He was mistaken, though—who could forget Hank! He was carrying a plush animal of himself and was the picture of innocence; he was unaware that he only had a short time left to live. However, they were all in love, and he received hundreds of likes from people all around the world. He even had a painful and cute piece published about him and his stuffed animal. He was adored by many, and he was adopted right away. just to be abandoned on the streets and betrayed. Never did they deserve it! With the NYACC in Manhattan, NY, Hank will perish once more.