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Coyotes Let A Lost Dog Join Their Pack For A Year

Wiley is recuperating after what was likely a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The 2-year-old puppy and a gang of coyotes were spotted around Kingston, New York, roughly 18 months ago. He was apparently living with them throughout that time because the coyote family had taken him in while he was only a pup.

“He would play with them and run with them, and they would see him all the time. We have no idea how she managed to fit in with them. It is not, however, unheard of. There are timid dogs and coyote-dog hybrids, which are created when coyotes and dogs mate. However, you seldom ever witness dogs being hung from coyotes in person.

Despite how much Wiley enjoyed living with his coyote pals, most people believed that the dog would do better in a home with people. due to the animal’s propensity for early death.

In her words:

“The first thing we needed to do was train the dog to regularly visit a specific location. We installed a feeding station under trail camera surveillance.

The first night’s footage offered a peek into Wiley’s covert existence among the coyotes.

In her words:

His coyote companions would simply appear.

The following day, Nicole went to the feeding station and set Wiley up when she noticed him was loving the meal.

She uttered:

“Only two nights passed. It was a really simple trap.”

And it’s a good thing Wiley took the bait: he was covered in dozens and dozens of ticks.

Nicole took Wiley to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI) for medical attention.