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Starving Dogs Found Abandoned In Garbage Refuse To Give Up On Each Other

The lives of Biggie and Smalls, two dogs that were abandoned together in Oregon, are unknown for certain, but their bodies exhibited devastating indications of abuse and neglect. Although they were in terrible shape, it soon became apparent that their greatest priority was staying together, and fortunately, their rescuers shared this sentiment.

Last October, Multnomah County Animal Services received a report about Biggie and Smalls. Officer Sophia Condon discovered them bound to a post at that time.

The dogs were really frightened, but Sophia was able to win their confidence.

Smalls, an 8-year-old Poodle mix, and Biggie, a 6-year-old Great Dane mix, both had very matted fur covering their fragile and undernourished bodies. Biggie’s malnutrition was more obvious because of his cropped hair.

Sophia said to The Dodo:

“They both seemed so dejected and uncomfortable.”

She then hurriedly transported them to DoveLewis Animal Hospital for care.

When DoveLewis employees saw how devotedly the dogs cared for one another, they promptly analyzed the canines’ physical health.

Becca Falender, a veterinarian, said:

“It was evident that these two had a unique relationship the instant they entered our emergency room. The close bond these two canines enjoyed touched the whole medical staff.

Biggie insisted on following Smalls when he was directed into a different room to get his hair done.

Veterinary assistant Lorri Schinderle from DoveLewis stated:

“Just seeing Biggie’s anxious face as he searched the room for Smalls makes me feel awful for myself. They were really bonded. They clearly belong together since that much is obvious. She continued to kiss and hold Smalls while Biggie remained still.