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Dog Runs Away From Home To Comfort Unknown Family Grieving Their Deceased Dog

In Sorocaba, Brazil, hours of worry for the owners of a missing dog translated into brief solace for the occupants of another home who were lamenting the loss of their cherished dog who had been run over weeks before, according to G1.

According to Kauan Garcia’s Puppy, the 12-year-old dog managed to escape the house when his family was preoccupied, which alarmed them. But it appears that he sensed the need of someone close.

Kauan narrates:

“We enquired as to if anyone had seen Puppy. After some time, a woman came across the chain and inquired as to if we were looking for a dog before pointing out which one it was.

Dogs are such lovely creatures that they may provide affection and comfort to strangers who are distressed. And the instance of Puppy makes it very evident.

Ismenia de Fátima Ribeiro’s home was visited by the unwelcome “visitor” while she was leaving with her daughter, age 11. It appears that the dog ultimately found its way to the family’s house who needed consolation.

Ismenia remarked:

«I didn’t know what to do, so I gave him water and thought about my dog who was run over at the beginning of the month; it appears that he [Puppy] soothed me and selected that house. He unlocked the door and entered as if it were his. It was astounding.

Pitoco, a Pinscher who had lived with Ismenia and her family for six years and died in early January after being hit by a car, left Ismenia and her family in a very unhappy state.

Ismenia said that the animal’s family reunion had been fantastic and had just happened by coincidence.

Ismenia remarked:

My daughter had previously expressed a desire to retain the youngster she had met who appeared to be seeking for a dog, but I will never forget what happened since the puppy is much loved.