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They Found His Dog And Also Adopted His Friend Who Never Abandoned Him On The Streets

A call came in one the Montez family had given up ever receiving. Six years later, his dog had been located and saved. They discovered after finding their dog that he had never been abandoned on the streets.

Three canines were discovered on a road by a good samaritan; two of the dogs were unharmed, and one of the survivors was Corky, the dog that the Montez family had acquired from the same shelter almost seven years before.

It turns out that Corky was found on that highway and sent to the Humane Society of North Texas, where thanks to a microchip, rescuers were able to track down his family.

“We searched for Corky for approximately six months before we moved here. We were expecting that one day he would return home because we knew he was microchipped and wearing a collar. We were thus quite happy, said Kimberly Montez.

When we first learned the news, Jimmy Montez recalled, “We were in shock.” I simply found it hard to believe.

The family hurried to the shelter to find their lost pet right away, only to learn that Corky had not been abandoned.

Along with him, a little child named Captain who had only one eye and a small dog had been saved. They had been buddies on the streets and had always traveled together.

After six years, they finally located their dog, and Corky and Captain are now content.