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This Dog Wouldn’t Stop Howling After Being Abandoned In A Parking lot, She Begged Her Family To Come Back For Her

The sad puppy was left behind in Memphis, Tennessee’s Sam’s Club parking lot. The distressed dog stayed there for days, wailing and anxiously anticipating the return of her family. But they never returned to get her.

Fortunately, Mary Murphy, a volunteer with the Illinois-based Arrow Dog Rescue group, came to her aid. However, it would take some time.

Kimberley Slown of Arrow Dog Rescue stated to The Huffington Post:

“Animals are left abandoned in this location. In the hopes that their family will return to get them, dogs frequently linger where they are abandoned.

He allegedly tortured people in the parking lot for days while sobbing and gazing out of cars, according to store employees. However, the dog was no longer by himself.

The small dog was leaning out of the car windows as Mary, who had successfully rescued several pets from Arrow Dog Rescue, was leaving Sam’s Club before work. She discovered that she had been there for a week from the Sam’s Club workers.

In an effort to find the family, Mary then took a video of the unfortunate puppy wailing and gave it to Kimberley Slown for her to put on social media. However, it was clear that this “family” did not want to be located because they had no interest in learning more about the adorable puppy.

However, the notification reached Sunny Meadows, a nearby animal rescue organization, who approached Mary and informed her that they had been attempting to capture the dog for two days.