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Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Finds The Sweetest Way To Ask For Help

Independent dog rescuer Shannon Ackerman filled up her tank at a Texaco gas station in Missouri City, Texas after saving a husky and her two puppies who had been stuck in a roadside drainage pipe. When Shannon stepped out of her car at the petrol station on the way to her house with them, she was in for the biggest surprise of her life.

Shannon stated to The Dodo:

“I was startled when I felt something kiss the back of my knee as soon as I began pumping gas. When I looked down, I saw this adorable, bereaved German Shepherd staring up at me with a ‘can you help me please?’ face.”

Despite the fact that Shannon was already occupied with huskies and pups, she made an effort to learn more about the German shepherd’s origins.

Shannon remarked:

“Given how busy the petrol station was, I yelled out, “Is this someone’s dog?” Did any of you leave this helpless child behind? Naturally, nobody said anything.”

She also spoke to the proprietor of the petrol station, who said that he had seen someone leave the dog behind and leave quickly before he could intervene.

The dog, eventually given the name Mercy, was moaning and weeping as she tried to enter Shannon’s car. She had the huskies and pups in her car, along with dog traps and supplies, so she was unable to take it with her.

She uttered:

I was devastated by him.

Shannon was, nevertheless, determined to assist. She then made her way back to the location of the huskies’ rescue, where Whitney Hartman, another rescuer, was still there.

Whitney remarked:

He informed me that a German Shepherd mother was whining and attempting to get inside her car in the [gas station] parking lot. I drove because, of course, I couldn’t leave her there.

Mercy hopped inside Whitney’s car with only the opening of the door.

Whitney remarked:

“She dived in without a second thought. She was ecstatic to be in the vehicle.

Whitney looked to see whether Mercy was chipped, but unsurprisingly, she wasn’t. She lacked identification tags and had a soiled collar.

Whitney remarked:

She was both nice and intelligent. To win my devotion, she persisted in pressing my hand.

Whitney then invited Mercy into her house, where she provided a hot lunch and a comfortable bed. The next day, she placed her in foster care with Sauver Des Chiens, a local German Shepherd rescue organization.