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Couple Sees Photo Of Shelter’s Saddest Dog And Drives 6 Hours To Adopt Him

When Jessica Williams and her boyfriend Jared moved into an apartment in Sacramento, California that allowed pets, their goal of getting a dog became more attainable.

Jessica was informed by Jared that they may get a dog in November, but she made the decision to begin researching dog adoption opportunities at several shelters online.

Jessica was moved to give Benji a second shot as soon as she saw his photo since he appeared to be the saddest dog in the shelter and desperately needed affection.

Jessica Williams

Benji was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles when he was saved; owing to a flea allergy, he had lost some of his fur. Under these circumstances, many people probably wouldn’t acquire a dog, but Jessica was the exception.

Jennifer stated:

He spent ten days in the shelter and was not having a good time. As they passed, he snarled and struck them. He had never seen a sadder dog and felt he had to take the dog home.

Jessica Williams

After six hours of travel from Sacramento to Los Angeles to see Benji, Jessica and her boyfriend were quite interested in him when they eventually arrived at the shelter.

She uttered:

He wasn’t sociable, the shelter said, and they wouldn’t take us to a calm holding room to see him because “he wouldn’t be a dog coming up to us to be cute.” He did not want to pass away since we were aware that euthanasia was a real option for him.

Jessica Williams

Nevertheless, despite Benji’s actions, the couple chose to bring him home. While we were on the journey back to Sacramento, the dog was obviously perplexed about his new parents.

Jessica Williams

For a while, he made an effort to remain away, but after a few days, Benji started to feel comfortable and secure and began to be more like his genuine kind and playful self.

Jessica Williams