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Injured Puppy Staggering Through Traffic Is Rescued Just Before Collapsing

Rescuers from India’s Animal Aid Unlimited responded to a call about a puppy who was wounded and stumbling across traffic, and they were able to save the dog before he fell and was run over. center of the street.

Rescuers took the dog to the hospital to be examined after seeing several worm-infested lesions on its head and neck.

He was subsequently put to sleep by the professionals, who cleansed the deep incision on his neck before moving on to the one on his ear.

Animal Aid Unlimited

The group shared the following on social media:

An wounded puppy was about to pass out as it staggered down a busy roadway in the middle of traffic. He had a wound covered with maggots on his neck, which we saw as we drew nearer. In order to treat the wound, get rid of all the worms, wrap him up, and start him on the path to recovery, we hurried him to the Animal Aid hospital and put him to sleep.

Animal Aid Unlimited

The lovable little puppy they called Marlo would recover fully with treatment and medicine. The unfortunate animal would eventually pass out in the middle of that busy street’s traffic, and it wouldn’t have survived much longer after that.

Animal Aid Unlimited

But luckily, Animal Aid Unlimited was there to help him and change his life forever.

Look how beautiful Marlo is today!

Animal Aid Unlimited