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Abandoned Puppy On New Year’s Eve Refused To Leave His Blanket

The owners of this dog, who is now known as Camilla, made the decision to uproot and discard Camilla in a Dallas area behind their house like garbage. She had been entirely abandoned in life, and the only thing she had to hold onto was a blanket. She appeared to be hoping that they would return to get her, but they never did.

This tragic circumstance started on New Year’s Eve. Fortunately, Marina Tarashevska, co-founder of the Dallas DogRRR rescue facility, took the dog on a walk in her neighborhood and understood what it was going through.

“The dog was sleeping on her blanket because she wouldn’t let her; it was quite chilly and rainy. She may have continued to believe that her family will return.

The neighbors were concerned about Camilla, and Marina began to formulate a rescue strategy, but it wasn’t simple.

Pat commented:

Marina sprinted away each time she approached the blanket, saying.

Camilla returned to the blanket after Marina departed, which is how the notion of using it as a hook emerged. In order to lead the dog to her house, the woman cautiously tugged the blanket.

The blanket, Camilla, and Marina eventually arrived at Marina’s garden after about an hour of walking in this manner. When she arrived, the woman was able to take the dog to a kennel by grabbing her.

Camilla was in great fear.

Pat commented:

At the rear of the kennel, she was essentially curled into a ball. She was immobilized with terror, yet you could touch her. She kept her head down and avoided making eye contact. She would tuck her head in the rear of the kennel if you approached her, signaling, “Don’t look at me, don’t make eye contact with me, don’t touch me.” Keep away”