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Homeless Dog Finally Relaxes When He Realizes He Was Being Taken Home

It was a scorching day in Dubai when Anand Raman, a kindhearted man, went to see his sister at work. Everyone who passed by outside the building was attempting to remain cool, including a filthy young puppy who was searching for some shade.

The dog hid beneath a car to relax and eat the leftovers left for him by some of the workers.

Anand then examined the puppy thoroughly and saw that its fur was matted and its legs were not quite correct.

Anand Raman

Even in such state, the dog ran towards Anand, as if it had always known him. Anand had no intention of saving a life that day, but one glance at the joyful little puppy told him what he had to do.

“She approached me with a confused yet enthusiastic expression on her face, her tail bouncing excitedly.” This was the first thing that made me fall in love with him. Then we sat on the sidewalk for a bit, and he was delighted to accept hugs from me.”

Anand Raman

Once there, the cause of the dog’s shaky walk was discovered: he had rickets in both of his front legs as a result of malnutrition. Fortunately, the illness is curable and will have no long-term consequences.

Anand then took the puppy home, bathed him, and was astounded to see that his fur was truly pristine white after all the filth and grime had been lost from his body.

Anand Raman

Anand called the dog Snowy after his fur color.

However, convincing the dog who had spent his whole existence living on the streets that he was now secure was challenging. He sat in a corner when he returned home, unable to comprehend that he suddenly had a loving family.

When Anand took him for walks, he was continually afraid of being abandoned on the streets; it took him a long to realize that this would never happen.

Anand Raman