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Golden Retriever Surprised His Family With A Baby Koala He Rescued

Asha, a golden retriever, is honored as a hero for save the life of a young koala. When her small puppy gave her a gift one morning that she had never expected, Kerry McKinnon was pleased.

In western Victoria’s Strathdownie, this occurred (Australia). Kerry’s husband eagerly contacted her at a very early hour, and when she picked up the phone, she understood what was going on.

A young koala was cuddled on Asha’s back, where it was kept warm and protected from harm.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

No one knows how the koala, who was called “Joey,” wound up on the dog’s back, but despite her confusion, the dog was content to have her there. Undoubtedly confused and bewildered, he sought solace in Asha.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

Kerry said to News.com.au:

“I believe the young koala slipped out of its mother’s sack and was helpless. As soon as he saw the dogs on their beds on our back patio, he opted to cuddle up in Asha’s hair since it was warm.”

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

By keeping the infant koala warm, Asha had undoubtedly saved his life because there was little possibility he would have survived on his own at night and in the presence of predators.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News

It was difficult to try to separate them so that Joey could be taken to a secure location; the infant koala was upset because he did not want to leave his protector’s back.

Added Kerry:

“Trying to separate them wasn’t simple; the koala made a lot of noise as we tried to remove it from Asha’s back. Dogs, in my opinion, have this protective instinct. The koala resisted leaving Asha’s back.

Kerry McKinnon/Caters News