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Thirsty Koala Licks Rainwater Off The Road After A Downpour

It is really reassuring to see that the rains have returned to Australia after the horrific bushfires that ravaged our nation.

The New South Wales residents are particularly appreciative of the rainfall because they make fighting these fires simpler.

But animals are also appreciative of the rain because it allows them to replenish their environment and provides them with a supply of fresh water if they become exhausted from the intense heat.

Facebook/Pamela Schramm

When she came upon a koala, Pamela Schramm and her family were in their car. This young man was sipping roadside rainwater because he was thirsty.

Facebook/Pamela Schramm

The poor koala wanted to cross any puddle to drink water, and he didn’t mind almost licking the asphalt to do so.

The small animal’s thirst was so intense that when Pamela tried to move it, it appeared to be stuck to the road and did not want to go anywhere else.

Facebook/Pamela Schramm