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Homeless Dog Makes His Bed Every Day In Hopes Of Being Adopted

A homeless dog’s future is quite unclear, but if he’s lucky, he’ll be brought to a no-kill shelter where staff will try their best to place him with a family. The reality is that although this does not always occur, dogs frequently do not comprehend what they did wrong to deserve their loneliness.

Many animals sent to the shelter have the prospect of finding a permanent home, and they do so within days.

For some, the situation is more difficult, and this is especially true if the dog is of a breed that is still vilified by society as being “dangerous.”

Rush, a gentle pit bull, only required a loving home when he came at the SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center in Ohio. Because of his uniqueness and the fact that he had been homeless his whole life, the volunteers held out hope that he would eventually find a family.

As the days passed, Rush’s potential adopters kept rejecting him only because he was a pit bull.

These folks are completely unaware of the immense loyalty and love that a dog like Rush can offer; pit bulls are very loving.

Rush was growing more and more depressed as it appeared he would never leave the shelter. He could see that the other dogs had adopted new families, and he appeared to be perplexed about why he hadn’t.

Rush had some strange behavior one day, which the shelter staff noted and found fascinating.

The dog started to prepare his bed every morning as though he believed it would earn him a permanent home. Rush wanted to seem to be a nice kid, so he used his lips to hold the sheet and gently arrange it in each corner of his bed.

Nobody knew why he did it, but from the look in his eyes, it appeared that this act may touch someone and be accepted.

The dog organized his bed for many days, and when his rescuers thought of capturing it, they decided to post it on social media.

On Facebook, the shelter posted the following:

Rush has prepared his bed every day in the hopes that he would be adopted by a family.