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When They Arrived To Attend To A Robbery Case, The Police Found The Poor Hungry Dog ​​Locked In A Room Where Apparently She Had Not Eaten For Weeks

When New Castle, Pennsylvania police responded to a burglary report, they made a horrifying find. Every bone in a little dog that had been starved to death was evident because she had been imprisoned in an upper bedroom.

Vice President of the Lawrence County Humane Society Elissa Druschel stated to The Dodo:

It approached them on all fours, wagging its tail constantly. The following day, they brought her back with us after keeping her in the complex overnight.

Lawrence County Humane Society

The 10-week-old puppy, Miranda, was so malnourished and fragile that she was unable to stand or elevate her head. Additionally, she had a staph infection.

Lawrence County Humane Society

Rescuers estimated that she had been imprisoned in the room alone herself for at least three weeks because neither her mother nor her other siblings could be discovered.

Elissa remarked:

We first didn’t think she would survive since she was so frail and underweight, but she persisted anyway.

Lawrence County Humane Society

She was fed all day and slowly grew strong enough to move and stand. Miranda had unexpectedly quadrupled in weight after a week of eating normally, drinking water, and taking her medication.

She was obviously fighting for her life, and after the rescue crew posted about her on social media, supporters from all around the nation rallied behind her.

Lawrence County Humane Society

Rescuers were astounded by Miranda’s progress as she continued to put on weight over the coming weeks. Though she was frolicking and running like any other adorable puppy her age, the skeletal-appearing dog had an entirely different appearance.

Lawrence County Humane Society