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This Rescue Captures A Wholesome Reunion Of A Swan And Her Lifelong Mate After She Was Shot To Head

Recently, the sad news came from a swan rehabilitation center, Swan Support, which rescues injured and ill swans within the Thames Valley of South East England. The organization had witnessed an increase of cruel attacks on swans in different areas of West Berkshire during the lockdown.

Recently, the police started an investigation when 5 swans were shot with an air rifle. One of them was shot in the head while tending to her unhatched eggs.

After the injured swan was spotted, her eggs were taken to the Swan Support center.

The vets had to remove an 8mm ball fired from an air weapon.

Luckily, the swan has survived the disgusting attack and has recently made a full recovery. One of the other 5 swans has passed away.

Recently Swan Support posted a wholesome video showing the swan being reunited with her lifelong mate after making a full recovery.