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When A Young Bear Wanders Through A Farm, A Man Decides To Foster Him After The Authorities Warn Against It

Unexpected visitors were strolling through a community in Belarus’s Borisovsky area. A local farmer saved a little bear that appeared disoriented, was underweight, and was searching for food.

The officials advised killing the cub since it was too young to be allowed into a zoo or to live on its own in the wild.

Fortunately, the little bear cub was saved and was able to live on Mr. Nikolay Vasilievich Terletsky’s property.

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When Mr. Nikolay was offered the choice of euthanizing the cub or returning him to nature, he chose to foster the youngster instead.

Due to their rarity and imminent extinction, brown bears are one of the species included in Belarus’ Red Book.

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Nikolay called the authorities to try to resolve his unique issue since he was aware of the regulations that govern his nation.

For Planeta Belarus, Nikolay said:

“I am well aware of all the rules; a few years ago, we planned to build aviaries on the farm, so I researched all the subtleties.”

Unfortunately, he received the same response: sacrifice it or release it to the wild. However, the guy was not willing to subject the bear cub to this destiny. He spent days looking in the neighboring forests in an attempt to locate the boy’s mother, but he was unsuccessful.

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Without its mother’s protection, the cub had no chance of surviving in the wild, so Nikolay made the choice to keep it on the farm.

Finally, the tiny bear received a “passport” or authorization from a professional body that allowed Nikolay to lawfully care for him.

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He was given the name “Vasilisa,” is healthy, and is extremely lively. Soon, he will start to learn about the world while being loved and cared for by others.

Image | Planetabelarus.by