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Adorable Service Dog Is Included In The Yearbook Alongside His Favorite Girl

In a sweet surprise, St. Patrick Catholic School in Louisville, Kentucky, reserved a special spot in the yearbook for their cute service dog. Hadley Jo Lange and her dog Ariel de Ella are best friends and spend their days playing and cuddling, but their bond goes beyond simple camaraderie.

The 7-year-old child has special requirements and is usually accompanied by her Labradoodle puppy since she has epilepsy, a neurological condition that results in seizures.

I don’t know how my daughter could thank Ariel as her mother after this puppy truly saved her life.

Facebook/Heather DeVore Lange

Heather tacked on

“He constantly has his eyes on my young child. She has a tremendous sense of security. He travels with her everywhere, to school, he takes the bus with her, he goes to her dancing class and soccer practice.

Since she is responsible for alerting Hadley Jo when a seizure is impending, Ariel unquestionably plays a crucial part in her life. The young girl’s life would probably be quite difficult without Ariel, but fortunately, the dog is there to protect her.

Facebook/Heather DeVore Lange

Heather stated to The Dodo:

“My goal is to give my daughter as independent a life as possible, and Ariel helps make that happen.” “Ariel is a service dog who alerts about Hadley Jo’s attacks. Ariel saves my daughter’s life by alerting us when a seizure is about to occur, allowing us to administer medication in under two minutes.”

Ariel, who is 4 years old and has been caring for Hadley Jo since she was a puppy, is highly familiar with the girl and can predict when anything will happen.

Facebook/Heather DeVore Lange

At school, he keeps an eye on her constantly, and when one of these unplanned incidents happens, Ariel barks to let the teachers know something is wrong. In addition, when Hadley Jo is having convulsions, the dog lays down next to her and positions her body beneath her to prevent a possible fall.

Ariel will undoubtedly look after the girl while she attends class, and she has also joined the school as another student.

Facebook/Heather DeVore Lange