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Tiny Chihuahua Reunites With Dad After Running To Save His Life

A retired Navy veteran named Rudy Armstrong was unwinding on his houseboat in North Carolina with his devoted companion, Bubu, when all of a sudden something weird started to happen to his health. His foot went asleep and he was unable to move it, so he made the decision to sit down.

A few minutes later, he discovered that he was also unable to move one of his arms, which frightened him greatly because he had few alternatives for calling for assistance.

His loyal canine companion Bubu, a female Chihuahua mix, came over to investigate and knew right away that something was amiss.

Facebook/CarolinaEast Health System

Rudy couldn’t pick up his phone, so he turned to face Bubu and said:

I need assistance; locate Kim.

Facebook/CarolinaEast Health System

Bubu quickly exited the houseboat, seemingly understanding his father’s orders in full. Knowing what to do, she sprinted to the port and managed to locate Kim, the dock captain.

CarolinaEast Health System’s public relations manager, Brandy Popp, told The Dodo:

Instead of greeting me with his customary bark, leap, and lick, he halted in front and laid on his side.

Facebook/CarolinaEast Health System

Kim understood Bubu’s message, so she went back to the boat with her. There, she saw that Rudy had had a stroke and had already phoned 911. As soon as paramedics got on the scene, Kim took care of Bubu while Rudy was taken to the hospital for more expert care.

Facebook/CarolinaEast Health System

Bubu’s bravery allowed his father to obtain prompt medical attention, which has allowed him to make a full recovery.

Rudy missed his devoted little pal terribly after recovering at Carolina East Health System for several weeks.

Facebook/CarolinaEast Health System