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Stray Dog ​​Pees On This Man And Gets A New Home

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a stray dog found a new home after peeing on a guy he may have thought was a fire hydrant.

Heinze Sánchez was on the sidewalk examining his phone when a dog walked up and urinated on his back without his knowledge. The security camera video went viral on social media, but many people were outraged by his response.

Heinze chuckled

I was focusing on my phone. Sitting on the floor, he was focused while reading a message. I missed his arrival. I simply sensed something hot as he steadily drew closer, which startled me. He had urinated on me, I saw as I turned around. I found that to be revolting.

Heinze stood up and approached the dog angrily; the animal fled in terror. Despite the fact that the man did not contact the animal, several people on social media chastised him for trying to kick it.

Heinze remarked:

“I got a lot of backlash for kicking him. I didn’t punch him, though. I shook my head and shook my knee. I didn’t plan to injure him; it was just an impulsive reaction. I asked the remaining puppy, “Did you see what his friend did to me?” as another dog came by.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

Heinze made the decision to go to look for the dog. He returned to the street where it all occurred and enquired about the animal there. The student said that when he discovered it, the dog went toward him while waving its tail.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

Heinze told Extra as follows:

«Since I had argued with him, I stayed with him in the brain. I inquired if he had an owner and then I began scouting around the area. I called him when I discovered him, and he came running. He was beginning to pour. After some time of playing with it, I made the decision to bring it home. He came over to me. He gets trapped, sobs when I leave the house, and is quite submissive. He is a good dog, although he causes some difficulty at the neighbor’s house.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

Posted by Heinze on Facebook:

“Hello. This morning when I woke up, I chased after the puppy who had urinated on my back. I made an effort to identify the owner and learned that he was a local. The puppy is now housed. I brought him home, got him some food and water, and built him a path.

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez

“I wasn’t evil, as many people are claiming, I was merely horrified by what took place. One thing you can see in the video is that I didn’t chase after him or hurl rocks when I kicked him since he was far away from me. Instead, I tucked my knee in. I even interacted with the neighboring dog that approached me.”

Facebook/ Heinze Sanchez