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This Rescue Dog With Unique Features Is Taking Over The Internet

The internet loves animals, and today, we are glad to welcome a new unique character to the community, which is yet to steal many hearts. A 2-year-old rescue dog from Thailand named Lucky has very distinctive features that definitely make him stand out, leaving people raising eyebrows (pun intended) guessing whether it’s Photoshop or real life. With Lucky, you are lucky to get a two for one deal. This cute puppy’s face looks like two completely different personas – a regular Chihuahua mix and one of James Bond villains – blended together, and we can’t get enough!

When 29-year-old Charice adopted Lucky almost three weeks ago, and she couldn’t imagine that the photo of an adorable mixed breed dog she shared on a dog owners’ community on Facebook would blow up with 11,000 likes and over 600 comments.

But we can totally understand why. One of Lucky’s eyes is pale blue and pierces right into your very soul while another is brown, and his one thick raised eyebrow makes him look like he’s either judging you or is seriously considering taking over the world. And despite popular opinion, the fabulous eyebrow wasn’t drawn with a permanent marker.