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Kavik Is A Dog That Was Found In Another Country After Being Lost For 8 Long Years, He Finally Met His Family

After going missing after being shot by a farmer, a dog was located 300 miles distant. Fortunately, he was able to reconnect with his family over ten years later.

In Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, an 18-month-old dog named Kavik vanished in 2012 after escaping with his brother Konan. Later, Stevie Rodger discovered her pets in a sheep pasture nearby, but an infuriated farmer slaughtered both dogs.

Sadly, Konan passed away then and then, but Kavik was hurt and fled aimlessly out of fear, which is what ultimately led to his disappearance.

Facebook/ Stevie Rodger

His family started a massive search that lasted for months and covered the whole region. They also provided a sizable prize for anyone who could return Kavik to his or her home, but despite all their efforts the dog remained gone.

Facebook/ Stevie Rodger

The family of the dog was heartbroken since they had lost Konan and were unable to locate their other dog.

When the workers at the pet store in Birmingham discovered Kavik to be underweight, they took him to the shelter. Now that Kavik, who is now 10 years old, has popped up some 300 miles away, Stevie, his wife Sarah, and his three children are stunned.

Facebook/ Stevie Rodger

Evidently, a dog matching Kavik’s traits had arrived in Birmingham, England, and was now residing in a shelter.

On Tuesday, Stevie received a call from Lost Dogs Scotland informing her that an animal fitting Kavik’s description had been located.

Facebook/ Stevie Rodger

The next day, a delighted Stevie made a hasty drive from Scotland in order to verify that it was really his puppy.

Facebook/ Stevie Rodger