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Couple Pays $4,500 To Bring Home Homeless Dog Found On Vacation

A Liverpool couple vacationing in Barbados spends thousands of pounds to save a stray dog they came across while exploring the idyllic island paradise.

Sam Blackburn, Georgia Harding’s boyfriend, and she frequently pick holiday destinations with scenic landscapes and exciting activities. Despite possessing a sense of adventure, they also like performing enjoyable things or being in peaceful, serene times.

But this time, he had to alter his plans since he needed to take care of a seriously injured animal during his stay in Barbados.

Image | Georgia Harding/Liverpool Echo

To meet her, the couple was traveling the island when they came across an abandoned puppy on the side of the road. The dog, now known as Simba, was shaking with fright and shivering, so the pair did not think twice to stop the car and assist him.

He was simply skin and bones, so you could see he hadn’t eaten in days. He was afraid, but he lacked the energy to flee. He clearly damaged some portion of his body because every time he attempted to move, he howled.

Image | Georgia Harding/Liverpool Echo

Georgia and Sam were affected by what they had witnessed and felt compelled to assist him, so they loaded him into the car and drove back to where they were staying.

To the Liverpool Echo, Georgia said

“We brought him to the vet, and he said he wouldn’t last 48 hours because he was being eaten alive by ticks, but we saved him.”

The couple’s quick action allowed the dog to receive treatment in a timely manner, and even though everything was pricey, the dog’s health came first.

Image | Georgia Harding/Liverpool Echo

Georgia also said

Every day, his self-assurance increased, his health became better, and it became clear that he had a chance.

Simba was too unwell to be placed in a foster home, so the original plan was to recover him and find him a home. The only option at that time was to be able to take him with them to his residence in Liverpool even though they knew they couldn’t abandon him to his fate.

Image | Georgia Harding/Liverpool Echo

Georgia remarked

“I was inconsolable and unable to leave him. She was able to return home with us since we helped him get better, treated him, and mended it.

The problem at hand was the paperwork required to take Simba to the UK, but they were prepared to follow the necessary steps. Although they were difficult to procure and expensive as well, they eventually succeeded in doing so so that Simba could travel.

Simba had to be quarantined for 21 days after arriving in the UK because of security procedures, but last week he was allowed to go home.

Image | Georgia Harding/Liverpool Echo