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This Parrot Was Rescued By Workers At An Animal Rehabilitation Center In Brazil, And He Is Very Happy To Have A New Beak

They discovered this bird in Brazil, but its beak was seriously injured, endangering its chances of surviving. Given that these birds rely on their beaks for the majority of their activities, we are aware of how important it is for them to have a strong and healthy beak.

Fortunately, the experts at an animal rehabilitation organization gave the bird a second chance at life.

The parrot’s beak was successfully recreated by Renascer ACN employees using a practical prosthesis, allowing the bird to live out its life.

Facebook/ Reborn ACN

The rehabilitation center’s founder, Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, explained in an interview how they were able to recreate the ideal beak for this parrot.

He remarked that the bird had been discovered in a dreadful condition and that practically all of its beak had been destroyed. When they became aware of the distressing situation, it was only of his efforts and those of the veterinarian Maria ngela Panelli Marchió that they were able to save the animal.

Facebook/ Reborn ACN

Panelli is committed to offering rescued animals in dire need the chance to live and return to their natural habitat. He is an expert in animal orthopedics and uses custom-made plastic resin prosthesis to treat wounded animals.

Facebook/ Reborn ACN

To eventually achieve the desired outcome—the ideal prosthesis—the team started to manufacture the ideal beak using a very durable material.

Paulo said to Bored Panda:

“The entire procedure is done by hand. It need a chainsaw to remove the polymethyl methacrylate substance since it has to solidify rapidly (3 to 5 minutes).

Facebook/ Reborn ACN

The parrot quickly healed and adapted to his new beak, leading a normal life now despite being unable to return to its usual home. Although the prosthesis is quite durable, there is a chance that it might eventually come off. Then your rescuers will be there to assist you once more.

He will spend the remainder of his days in a rehabilitation facility, where he will have plenty of luxuries and may not even notice that much of the outside world.

Facebook/ Reborn ACN