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Cyclist Sees A Puppy On The Side Of The Road And It Changes His Life Forever

A path that Paraguayan cyclists Annie Dietze and Pablo Villamayor were on as part of their training in a remote area when they saw something. They could make out a car pulling up in the distance. The driver got out, flung a white bag into the air, and then sped off in his car.

The pair arrived at the spot where the odd car had stopped moments earlier, and as they approached the bag, they were happy to have arrived just in time to save a poor puppy. Pablo and his wife had no clue that the sight they had just witnessed would totally transform their life.

“We identified it as a dog. He emerged from the bag and sprinted our way while sobbing.

Facebook / Pablo Villamayor

The athlete tried to fit it into the bag it was found in and then mounted it on the handlebar of his bicycle so they could transport it along with them. Of course, the scared but lovely dog gained the couple’s affections, and they ultimately chose to adopt him.

Due of the location of his discovery, they gave him the name Lorenzo. The dog is really adorable and has quickly won the hearts of many people despite the challenging and painful ordeal.

Facebook / Pablo Villamayor

Pablo finds it incomprehensible that someone would ditch a vulnerable animal like it was trash on the side of the road; he doesn’t comprehend why anyone would do such a thing. He and his wife were fortunate to be present when everything happened and were able to recognize the enormous fortune that bag was concealing on the road.

Facebook / Pablo Villamayor