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This Loving Family Found the Sweetest, Most Cuddly Way to Help Their Dog Get Through Anxiety Breakdowns

Myko is a sweet rescue dog that enjoys wearing Halloween costumes all year long, despite the fact that this is often only done once a year. Since Myko was a little puppy, this has helped him overcome his anxieties about him, and the reality is that he looks fantastic in every costume.

Myko’s adoptive parents recognized his uniqueness as soon as they laid eyes on him. The adorable youngster has a wonderful personality and is frequently seen smiling, however he also has a sensitive side. Myko is frequently alarmed by ceiling fans, thunder, water, and fireworks.


Myko may bark for a very long time when she is terrified. And trying to calm him down is quite challenging. Her parents used their ingenuity to solve the problem, which was hiding in plain sight in her wardrobe.

Eleni reveals:

“We can never predict what we could encounter that would cause us to feel afraid. He has done a lot and overcame many of these problems despite this, and he is also tremendously brave, smart, and open to instruction.


Mother of Myko added:

“We had heard that dogs in a high level of alertness can be calmed by form-fitting apparel (such as a ThunderShirt) or pressure around the ears. We removed the floppy ears because we had already purchased him an Eeyore Halloween costume a few months before. He immediately got quite peaceful and calm when we placed them on him.

His old outfit has subsequently evolved into his defense against dread, and when he notices the suit’s ears, he is immediately aware that it is time to unwind and that everything will be OK. Naturally, Myko doesn’t mind using them because she also receives a tasty gift.

Added by Elena

“He could stop talking and go on to something else if he is reminded that he will need to utilize them. He can also calm down when we remove them or when he sees them.


Myko appreciates his parents’ care for him in any circumstance and adores the serenity of his gorgeous ears.

Elena concludes by assuring:

“The way he expresses himself, his emotions, and his intelligent responses to situations are so inspirational and a reminder that it’s normal to feel things and ask for help when you need it,”

Elena continued:

There are several things we can learn from him about generosity, bravery, and second chances.