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The Construction Of A Yard For A Rescue Dog Who Has Never Had One Surprises Him

Bentley, a lovely hound who had previously lived in 4 homes, was adopted by KaTarra Taylor, a resident of Colorado Springs (United States). Although the dog has anxiety and has certain health issues, KaTarra did not let this stand in the way of her belief that Bentley deserved to be really happy. The dog, who has never had his own yard, reacts so lovingly when his parents give him one.

KaTarra and Bentley started looking for a house since the little apartment she was living in at the time of Bentley’s adoption wasn’t big enough for the 120-pound dog.


Although there is still a long way to go, KaTarra and Bentley have worked together to conquer some of their anxiety issues. This dog will have her support at every turn, and she wouldn’t trade that for anything.


She ran into a major roadblock when looking for a house since no one seemed interested in renting to her due to the size of her dog, so she changed her plans.

Bored Panda was informed by KaTarra:

Because no one would rent us a flat with a dog the size of Bentley, I purchased a semi-detached home in 2018. Wherever we are, as long as I’m there, he doesn’t care.


The woman felt she could adapt a little concrete patio at a property she found to fit her dog. Bentley’s mother wanted to give him a yard because he enjoyed lounging on the grass whenever they went to the park and had never had one before. Although it appeared to be an insurmountable endeavor, the woman had Nick’s backing.


Nick, a veteran of about 12 years, invested a lot of effort and did an excellent job putting together the place for the hound.

As Katarra said:

“My partner completed the entire project in a single day for less than $400.”