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Scared Dog Does Not Stop Hugging Her Rescuers Very Grateful

The vice president of the Orlando, Florida-based rescue organization Furever Bully Love Rescue is Natalie Olivieri. Near a sizable field in Redland, Florida, she discovered Harper, a dog who had been left behind. The volunteers try their best to feed the many stray dogs that are known to frequent this area.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of dogs in need of immediate assistance, and the rescue organizations’ volunteers are insufficient. She understood that she had been traumatized and mistreated. She had been in Redlands for five months at the time, when she was roughly a year old.

Natalie said to The Dodo:

The location is essentially a dog dump. People just leave them in place.


Natalie made the decision to adopt the dog because of the scars all over her body that indicated maltreatment. As quickly as she could, she fastened a collar on the fearful dog, but she suddenly became frozen by dread.

Natalie explains:

“Harper left the house with five other canines. As soon as Harper came up to us and we made eye contact, she collapsed in terror.


They visited the vet as soon as they got to Orlando, when it was discovered that she had anemia, worms, and a tooth infection. Treatment for all of this started, but her dread of people proved to be the most challenging aspect. She first struggled to even stand up, and her volunteers assisted her in using the restroom while she clutched to them frantically.

Furever Bully Love Rescue’s Jennifer Adorno said:

“I’ve never experienced such a close dog embrace”


After Harper was placed in a foster home, her mother Cheryl Kessler was able to see a gradual change in her behavior.

Cheryl described:

She gets up and rushes outside of her kennel. She’s simply a regular, everyday dog, doing potty out in the backyard. I like watching her develop her personality and come out of her shell.

They discovered she was expecting a few weeks later, and eight pups were born, all of which were given permanent homes. Harper realized she would now have love and nourishment no matter what.


Dogs like Harper, who have experienced hardship, are kind and grateful all the time. They appear to recall how fortunate they were to have a home and a lot of affection at last.