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Dog Is Rejected Over And Over Again Until This Woman Sees His Beauty

Sometimes individuals criticize others based solely on their outward look, neglecting to consider their true attractiveness. Lucky was abandoned several times just because he stood out from the other dogs. Many individuals who came into contact with him during his life were overwhelmed by what they saw and decided not to give themselves the opportunity to meet this lovely dog, but one person did.

Lucky was labeled as unsaleable since she was hatched in a hatchery with a facial abnormality. He was then transported to a shelter in attempt to find a home for him, but it proved to be quite challenging because of the prejudice he faced due to his looks.


He visited many homes during the adoption process until arriving at one close to Austin, Texas, where it appeared like his luck might turn.

Lucky lived a terribly unhappy and lonely existence despite having a permanent home since his owner did not want him there. Lucky was kept outside by the woman because she had cats; on occasion, Lucky was tethered to a tree for days without a bed or much human interaction.


The poor dog had very little food in addition to being ignored, abused, neglected, and never receiving the true affection he so richly needed.

Since they were relocating and did not want to take Lucky with them, the family ultimately made the decision to donate him to the shelter. It was clear that Lucky was not considered a member of the family to them.


The dog was once again adopted, but not long after that, his new owners chose to return him to the shelter. A social media post, however, caused things to alter.


Lucky was prepared for some shots by a volunteer from the shelter who took him to the barber. The correct person for Lucky saw the photographs when they were uploaded on social media; it was a volunteer’s acquaintance called Jamie Hult.

The woman was so affected by the tale of the dog that she was eager to see Lucky and, even better, take Lucky home right away!