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Faithful Puppy Gets Into The Ambulance To Follow His Father To The Hospital

Anderson Bahi saw a really emotional incident while nighttime driving his car, and he will undoubtedly never forget it. The devoted puppy accompanied his owner to the hospital in an ambulance, showing the guy a picture of real love.

Evidently, the dog’s father would have become unwell soon after walking his pet. The dog immediately leaped into the ambulance when emergency personnel came to take the victim to the hospital.

Anderson said to The Dodo:

“I spotted an ambulance stopped on the other side of the road while driving by.”


Even though he could only see the situation from a distance, something was immediately clear. The companion animal had a strong bond with his owner and would never want to be separated from him.

Anderson also said

“This small puppy has a very unique kind of devotion for his owner. a devoted affection.

The animal’s response to its person was also noted by the rescuers, who did not ignore the predicament. They unlocked the doors before they left to let him in and follow his father to the hospital.

The tale doesn’t end there, though; the puppy remained devoted to his owner and, as soon as they went into the hospital to treat the patient, he waited impassively outside the building for his father to come back.