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Man Discovered With A Kitten In The Subway Restores People’s Faith In Humanity

People have begun to have newfound trust in mankind because to a man who was spotted riding the metro with a little cat. A man in the same vehicle drew the attention of Gillian Rogers as she was riding the New York City subway home.

This individual wasn’t alone; a little kitten in a towel was curled up on his lap. This sight briefly made her day more interesting.

Gillian stated to The Dodo:

I was feeding him from a bottle. The affection was palpable to her. My heart felt like it was about to break witnessing someone show such love. I was too caught up in the present.


After giving this individual some thought, Gillian realized she had to exit the metro in order to learn more about what she had witnessed. She went over to the man to inquire about how or why he was there, as well as the specifics of how she had met the cat.

Nicola said:

We spoke, and he said that he had discovered the cat abandoned in the space between two buildings.


He made the decision to save the small creature rather than abandon it to fend for itself, taking care to keep him cozy and fed.

And Gillian said:

“While he was feeding him, the kitten was watching him. He was quite consoling, so I thanked him.

Even though she didn’t know the man’s name, Gillian eventually arrived at her location and had to leave before she could ask him for additional details.


They separated like strangers, but just being in the presence of this person’s wonderful soul made Gillian’s day better.

As Gillian said:

“It was a very unique occasion. I felt like I was walking on air as I got off the train. I was also thrilled and felt like it had restored my confidence in people. There are still good individuals in the world.


This woman found the situation to be quite poignant, especially because she founded the Pet Rescue Squad, a nonprofit organization devoted to saving animals. Gillian has devoted a significant portion of her life to aiding animals in need, so she feels heartened when she sees others doing the same.