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Pitbull Can’t Believe He’s Seeing Mom After A Year On The Streets

One of the workmen who was working on Kelly Shade’s house a year ago neglected to lock the door, which caused her dog Gracie to run away due to the loudness of the construction.

Kelly, who was really upset and frightened about what may have happened to Gracie when she ran out the door that day, spent hours searching the area for her after she vanished.

Kelly stated to The Dodo:

“We advertised a prize and plastered fliers everywhere. He is equipped with a microchip, although it serves more as an identify than a location. We hoped that someone would locate her, bring her to the veterinarian, and have her microchipped.


Kelly started to lose hope that she would ever see her cherished canine again as the months went by. She recalls that although she had a lot of calls, none of them were about Gracie.

Katie Campbell, a rescuer who locates and aids stray canines in the Chicago region, received a call from a friend about a year after she vanished.

A black and white pit bull was reportedly hunting for food when it stopped by Polly Ellison’s home. Although the woman had been feeding the dog twice a day, the animal did not appear to be appreciative of her assistance.


Added Katy:

She provided me with some information on the dog’s behaviors and her fear. In order to track if and when she would arrive for food, I first set up a WiFi tracking camera and then a regular tracking camera.


Katie decided to create a trap in the hopes of trapping the pit bull after learning that it was frequenting the area on Thursdays thanks to the cameras. She set everything up and provided a tempting lunch as a lure.

Added Katy:

“We departed after setting the trap with some hot Vienna sausage and roast meat. We didn’t want the dog to think we were staring at her since he knew my automobile.”


Added Katy

“He entered after roughly ten minutes! My camera buzzed when we were parked a half block away; I looked at the picture and saw that she was inside, so we sped up.

Everything worked well, and the dog gave in to the allure of the delectable meal and devoured everything. The dog joyously waggled her tail and put her head on Katie’s shoulder in appreciation as the rescuer brought her home and gave her food and drink.

When the dog’s microchip beeped in response to her scan for one, the woman was overjoyed.