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Dog Stays Outside Hospital For Days Waiting For Dad

Dogs have established themselves as man’s most devoted and unwavering companions, but while discussing loyalty, we must forget about Boncuck, a dog who waited outside a Turkish hospital for his closest friend.

On January 14, Boncuck made the decision to accompany his father, Cemal Senturk, in an ambulance to the Turkish hospital Medical Park Trabzon Karadeniz. Since Cemal was ill and required treatment at the time, the dog has become the clinic’s most frequent customer.

The dog is said to arrive every day about 9:00 am and wait patiently at the sliding glass door, according to the security staff of the building.


The devoted dog always remained in the same spot, hoping desperately to run across his closest friend once more.

Boncuk was taken home by Cemal’s family, but he wouldn’t remain and kept going back to the hospital, according to The Guardian.


Cemal’s daughter Anyur Egeli reportedly told DHA:

“Even if we take him home, he flees and returns here to wait for my father,” the speaker said.


Boncuck never bothered anybody while he was at the hospital entrance; instead, he simply waited patiently for a signal from Cemal. He never entered the hospital center, and when the door was opened, he just turned to search for Cemal.


Since Boncuck’s owner was carried to the hospital, the medical team has been impressed and moved by his loyalty. Therefore, everyone took the chance to welcome him and offer him some support as he waited, as well as bring him food in his downtime.


Says Cemal

I’ve known Boncuk for nine years. He also missed it. He is accustomed to me already. To help him relax a little, he would occasionally call him from the window.