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Kayakers Find A Lost Dog In The River And Bring Her Back To Shore

There are several reasons why a dog could lose its home, but in the US, the Fourth of July tends to be a nightmare for animals due to pyrotechnics, and many end up missing. Fortunately, a group of kayakers found one such dog. They managed to locate a missing puppy in time and transport her securely to her house.

Many families try to sooth their animals who are alarmed by noises during the Fourth of July night, but this is insufficient. The dog of one household became so frightened by the loud explosions that she made the decision to flee from her home.

Unfortunately, scared animals sometimes lose their sense of direction, thus the dog went missing for a few days until being found by some kayakers.


Unaware of what was in store for them, a group of kayakers decided to take a journey down the Chariton River near Centerville, Iowa, on July 9. They noticed a fearful dog on the shore that appeared to be lost as they were traversing the river and taking in the scenery.

Everyone turned to the dog as soon as they saw she was in desperate need of assistance in order to save her and get her out of this situation.


One of the kayakers, Shakira Sias, reportedly told KCCI:

“We couldn’t have pulled her off of that bank if we hadn’t pulled her out of the river quickly enough. She would have been carried away by the river because of how high the seas rise.

They were able to go closer and saw that the anxious dog was a lovely 10-year-old boxer called Ethyl who was wearing a collar.

The rescuers were able to get in touch with Ethyl’s family and learn that the dog had been missing for six days because of the identifying tag.


On July 3, the dog was terrified by the fireworks and fled the house; they haven’t seen or heard from her since. Fortunately, the crew of daredevil explorers got there at the appropriate time to save and aid precious Ethyl.

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A group member named Jessica Rose made the decision to record Ethyl’s amazing rescue and then upload it on her Tik Tok account. In the video, Jessica is heard noting that Ethyl was terrified when they discovered her, and that she also appeared worn out and covered in ticks.

He was also really hungry, but the kayakers could only provide him with Cheetos, and they also gave him some water to stay hydrated.


Despite the distressing circumstances Ethyl was in, the dog quietly allowed herself to board a kayak and begin her rescue mission. She appeared to grasp that she was receiving assistance and that, after going through this terrible ordeal, she was now finally heading home.

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Jennifer stated:

“I was startled and terrified. But after two hours, she got to her feet. She was content. She actually appeared to be floating along the river.

The athletes set up a meeting with Ethyl’s family after rescuing her from the river so they could reconnect after so many days. The dog’s owners were away at a wedding at the time, but the couple’s son took care of picking her up and bringing her home.