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Little Monkeys Give A Perfect Example Of Distancing In The Pandemic While Waiting To Be Fed

The fact that humans and monkeys are comparable is derived from the same notion of human evolution, yet there has always been a degree of human supremacy between species.

However, some monkeys have behaved in a manner that far outshines that of certain humans during this pandemic.

The “exemplary” attitude of social distance displayed by these critters in several revealing images taken in India has amazed netizens on social networks.

When the coronavirus pandemic was at its worst weeks ago in various nations, some individuals persisted on escaping the confinement even though they were fully aware of the risks. These residents eventually caused the authorities a lot of trouble.

The local MP and Indian Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, Kiren Rijiju, tweeted the photograph.

Along the Assam-Arunachal border in Arunachal Pradesh, close to Bhalukpong, an excellent example of social distancing was seen. If we pay close attention, animals may teach us many important lessons that we might have overlooked in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, according to Rijiu.

In addition to serving as an example for people, this group of monkeys being fed by a local while maintaining a safe distance between one another also helps the species’ reputation.

Meeting a small group of apes is not very enjoyable for many people because some of these animals are in charge of outwitting, robbing, and bullying people.

However, it should be known to everyone that persons who benefit from the “mischief” of these creatures and use their abilities to train them to commit crimes are also participating in these illegal activities.