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Wild Koala Seeking Shelter From Extreme Heat Shown Kindness By Family

When a koala needed refuge from the extreme heat, an Australian family offered the wild animal shelter and water after it wandered into their home.

A summer heatwave swept through South Australia a few years ago causing havoc and putting people and animals in danger.

The heat was so intense (about 49°C / 120°F) it drove many koalas from their homes in the eucalyptus trees, as they sought out shelter from the heat.

Koalas normally do not drink at all. They get their water from the eucalyptus leaves that they eat.

But this particular koala was so dehydrated he approached the house for shade and protection and when he was offered a tub of water he drank and then bathed in it.

This isn’t something koalas would normally do. This koala was clearly in extreme distress and without the help he received from this family, he would have certainly perished.