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They Rescue A Puppy Trapped In A Frozen Lake And Discover That It Was Not The Dog They Thought

Despite the endless stories in the news about animals that meet a tragic end, there are also good people who restore our confidence in mankind.

As happened to several heroes who were constructing the Sindi dam in Estonia, which is close to the Pärnu river.

Erki Väli, Robin Sillamäe, and Rando Kartsepp observed a “dog” struggling for survival when entrapped in the ice.

They immediately moved to rescue the helpless animal, making a route through the snow and shattering all the ice that had been covering its limbs.

Fortunately, the young child was so determined to survive and keep fighting that he tried to swim towards the beach in an effort to be saved as the guys were pushing the ice.

They succeeded in rescuing him after much difficulty and got him outside.

Despite being so near to them, they gazed at him because something about his conduct led them to question whether he was really a dog.

However, it didn’t stop them from hastily transporting him to the Terveks Clinic in Pärnu so he could receive urgent treatment.

The vets had the same concerns, and it wasn’t until they phoned a hunter that he confirmed them:

The young male wolf that was “furry fortunate” was little under a year old.

There, the guys came to understand the full significance of the heroic rescue operation in which they had a leading role.

He dozed out on my lap the entire time we were driving to the clinic. He just raised his head briefly when I sought to stretch them, said Rando Kartsepp.

After informing the Estonian Animal Protection Union of the discovery, they rushed right away to the clinic with a promise to cover all medical expenses in order to save the life of the young wild wolf.

They examined him and found that he had a very low blood pressure, which would account for his gentle demeanor following his rescue and warming up.

They couldn’t believe the cute animal they were carrying on their legs was a wolf.

In the meantime, the Estonian Animal Protection Union wrote on Facebook about the spectacular rescue, garnering hundreds of comments.

“Few individuals ever get the privilege of meeting a wolf in their lifetime. However, it’s much more remarkable that you were able to aid in his release “A comment was made on Facebook.