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A Father Shows “Proud” How His 8-Year-Old Daughter Manages To Shoot Down A Moose With A Rifle

The reality is that hunting endangered species continues to be a widespread activity, not only in the continents of Africa and Asia, where poaching is admittedly common, but also beyond the seas, despite the numerous efforts of most countries to stop and limit the practice based on numerous laws and treaties.

The story of a “proud” father whose daughter, who is only 8 years old, set a pretty sad record by becoming the youngest person to shoot down a moose with a rifle from a distance of more than 200 meters takes place much closer, in northern America, especially in Michigan, United States.

Gunnar Miller

When he saw his daughter kill the animal with her own hands and unerring aim, her father, Gunnar Miller, was overcome with emotion. He shared pictures of the young hunter next to the corpse on social media, provoking the immediate rejection of hundreds of users who were furious and outraged by the cruel pictures and even expressed feeling “chills” by the terrifying scene.

“I feel awful for this young girl. One commenter said, “Of all the lessons she might have learnt about this incredible animal, including the right to life, her parents decide the lesson is how to terminate her glorious existence.

Gunnar Miller

The most tragic aspect of the situation, however, is that Miller, who is his daughter’s architect and mentor in this abhorrent practice of indiscriminate animal shooting, posted the picture on a television station as if it were his own prize.

Incredibly, the father also said that this precise photo of his little daughter—which set a record for the greatest distance traveled by a child her age—almost made him cry with emotion. As a result, he is now committed to “forming” new performers from helpless living things. What a wonderful father.

Gunnar Miller

I believe that the state has many young hunters with skill, the man stated.

Whatever an animal’s age, dying at the hands of a poacher is brutal and unpleasant, but it pales in comparison to the anxiety that other types of animals go through for the same reason. And regrettably, she is not the only girl who engages in this abhorrent pastime.

Gunnar Miller

The survival instinct drives them to leave their original environment in order to avoid coming into touch with people, changing their behavior, way of life, and even their reproductive strategy. and to be able to live in peace without always being in fear of being extinct.

Youth hunting is still practiced in Michigan, however it is a dying pastime. The troubling part is that hunting is a lifelong activity that children are more inclined to continue the younger they are.

Gunnar Miller