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He Perches On A “Forbidden Tree” And Receives The Worst Punishment, Now His Executioners Will Go To Prison

As long as he believes he owns the land, man will continue to endanger and threaten the lives of numerous helpless animals. Unaware that he would be the victim of the harshest cruelty, the hungry toucan that was perched on a tree in a garden to eat a fruit was the victim of this awful savagery.

Volunteers from the Guardianes de Pantanal refuge in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, saved the toucan at the end of September after it had been assaulted by a couple for no other reason than that it had wandered into their garden to eat some fruit.

These lazy ones tossed stones to “frighten it away,” but they just damaged its wings and beak in the process. The weight of the stones caused the toucan’s beak to fall off, despite its strength.

Jerjes Suárez, a veterinarian, took care of the critter after the rescue and tried everything to save him. Tuki Tuki had emergency osteosynthesis, and a special wire was used to connect his mouthpiece.

Sadly, despite the fact that the surgery was a total success, the bird’s life was ultimately taken by the agony and stress brought on by the trauma of the aggressiveness and the subsequent procedure. Tuki Tuki passed suddenly while recuperating from surgery a few days after being rescued.

Suárez, who was grieved by the loss of the small animal, said, “It was really excellent, yesterday they brought me photographs; He was eating and drinking water for two days.

Latin America as a whole was shocked by the incident involving this toucan and the brutality with which its assailants behaved. Social pressure was sufficient to uphold justice since no one can comprehend how someone could be capable of such an atrocity.