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A Cow That Thinks She Is A Dog Does Not Miss The Opportunity To Enter Her House And Sleep In Her Bed

Cows are incredibly inquisitive and curious creatures. They can learn from one another and have long-term memory. They may form enduring bonds not just with their calves but also with people and develop individual personalities.

They are devoted moms who are also tasked with raising their naughty children and taking care of the other ladies in the group. Sven, one of these boisterous and naughty young calves, was raised with six dogs and naturally believes he is one of them due to his upbringing.

He entered my room a few months ago and woke me up. She is quite intelligent, enjoys rewards, and enjoys having her fur stroked, according to Nicole Federicks, who is also her human caregiver, a wildlife rehabilitation specialist, and a vet tech graduate.

Sven shares his 9 acres of property with a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, goats, chickens, some pigeons, and a talkative, energetic parrot. As you might expect, this wonderful family occasionally experiences some chaos due to the wide variety of its members.

Sven, of course, leaps at the chance to add to the mess by trying to sneak inside the home anytime he has the chance to try his luck, even though he’s not meant to go in to prevent falling and hurting himself on the floor.

“It will escape if the door is left open for more than a few minutes. When he was a baby, he was unwell for a few days and spent some time living in my laundry room because cows are extremely nosy creatures (worse than cats). Federicks said, “So he became accustomed to being indoors.