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Teenagers Were Playing In The Snow, Then They See A Paw Sticking Out – He Was Fighting For His Life

For people who feel that since they are human, they are superior to other species and that their lives might matter far more than any other, it can be challenging to incorporate animal rights.

That antiquated idea is what maintains the numerous atrocities that diverse species are subjected to in the public eye.

Noelia LD

Two young, helpless horses were abandoned in the middle of a snowstorm, and to make matters worse, it appeared that whomever abandoned them had the nefariousest motives.

The event took place at Portillo de Lunada, Burgos (Spain), a few weeks ago, and was made public through Noelia LD’s Facebook post.

Noelia LD

Due to the cold temperatures in the area, the two animals were on the verge of dying from hypothermia in addition to having wounded legs and visible evidence of maltreatment on their bodies.

The second horse had taken shelter in a haystack while the other was fully buried in the snow and just one leg could be seen.

Noelia LD

When they discovered them, a group of kids who were having fun in the snow decided to take action to save them. The Nature Protection Service is currently taking care of the suspected siblings (SEPRONA).

Noelia LD

It is well known that the animals received care and had a medical examination; at this point, they are attempting to locate their owner so they may teach him a lesson at the highest level of the law.

Due to the fact that the horses survived and were treated as “package animals” under the law, the perpetrator will not be held accountable for any more offenses.

Noelia LD