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Calf Born On Frozen Lake Defies Death Thanks To Adorable Puppy

If there is anything we can learn from little creatures, it’s how to get along with one another while putting our differences aside. Something that makes us think of a cow and a puppy that have been best friends since they first met.

The calf was saved from a freezing lake when it was on the verge of death, and today his happy ending was made possible by a family’s assistance. The puppy, one of the household pets, made the decision to actively assist in the search for his future best mate.

Graham Oliver

The calf was found by veterinarian Graham Oliver, Heidi, and their two boys Tom and Dougie in the middle of a frozen lake in Derbyshire, England. The family was aware that the young calf would suffer from hypothermia if they did nothing. They started the rescue without delay. Regarding this, Heidi said:

We were unable to remove her since her mother was being so watchful. Graham and Tom tried to divert mom and get her out of the water using a bulldozer bucket while the large animal rescue team was on its way from the neighborhood fire department.

Graham Oliver

They were able to stop his suffering thanks to the procedure’s effectiveness. However, it was only the start of her new existence; the hours and days that followed his rescue were by no means simple.

The family cleaned and warmed the calf at home, but when they tried to give it back to its mother, she refused them and even tried to murder the calf.

Graham Oliver

The rescuers decided to take the calf home with them so they could nurture her on their own because the mother not only rejected her, but also tried to attack them.

“We carried the calf to the parlor to be hand reared. We utilized quads to rapidly enter and exit. She wouldn’t take milk, so colostrum was given to her through a stomach tube for her first feeding instead. She grew weaker the next day. We introduced Penelope to a temporary surrogate mother with the aid of a local farmer. We started mixing the surrogate milk with the formula when she accepted the milk, and eventually Penelope took a bottle,” said Heidi.

Graham Oliver

Algernon, the family’s Labrador dog, usually attended Penelope during this procedure. He started to take care of her to the point that he assisted with her bottle feeding.

“Algernon, our black lab, couldn’t resist getting involved and enjoys helping with bottle feedings. In order to protect her, he even lets Penelope sleep in her bed and does so every night.

Graham Oliver

There is no difference in their readiness to serve one another and shower each other with unending affection between the tiny calf and his canine pal due to their amazing friendship.

Penelope is so adorable that not only does Algernon succumb to her charms, but the family’s other dog, Wilberforce, also spends time with her, plays with her, and even allows herself to be kissed.

Graham Oliver

The family is now loving this little calf and treating it as a new member; even though they are unsure of what to do with it when it grows up, they are confident that they will act in its best interests. In this context, Heidi emphasized:

“I’m not sure what the future plans are, but we need to start making preparations now since his horns will grow and he won’t be able to enter via the front entrance. We’re considering combining it with the llamas. She became friendly with the kids, the dogs, and all of us, regardless.