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A Moose Begs For Help With A Head Injury From A Hunter Who Wanted To Have Fun

Carrot is a cute moose that has gained notoriety in Kenora, Canada, for his regular visits, particularly during the holidays.

But when Carrot showed up with a head injury last year, everyone in the neighborhood was shocked and obviously concerned. Everything seemed to point to someone hunting the unfortunate animal for sport.


The regrettable incidence that someone without morals had been able to try the life of one of their favorite friends after shooting an arrow at Carrot’s head was condemned by Kenora’s neighbors.


The excitement of Christmas had been snuffed out by the sudden concern that Kenora may lose Carrot, and it was unclear what would happen to the injured animal.

Carrot is remembered by Lee-Ann Carver as a wonderful and lovely animal.

“Carrot and Potato, another moose, arrived together. It was a little orphan fawn. According to Lee-Ann, adult moose will occasionally take in abandoned fawns like Carrot or those who will grow up to be Carrot.

Carrot started paying them a visit the night before Christmas after that. Due to all that occurred with the global health crisis in December of last year, it was already different from all the others, but they had no idea they would have one additional worry.


When Lee-Ann noticed that her husband had returned with tears in his eyes, she knew something was wrong. Carrot was there, but he was not feeling well.


Experts in the field knew that he was seeing a carbon arrow, which is a common component of crossbows used by hunters.

He licked my hands, and I had a flood of heartwarming recollections. Carrot and I must have baffled everyone with our conversation, but I was trying to capture his attention so he would believe me when I said I was going home. He would stop moving and turn to face me when he was addressed by name, continued Lee-Ann.

They had to act to preserve the moose who had brought them so much love and happiness. His innocent expression conveyed the desire for assistance in order to get out of the predicament.

The removal of the arrow and the opening of Carrot’s wound alarmed Lee-Ann and her husband.


Immediately, experts went and seized control of the moose. Fortunately, they were able to effectively remove the arrow without harming the animal any more. All they had to do was provide some medicine and painkillers, which first made him feel a bit lightheaded.