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He Meets A Woman When He Hatches And Decides That She Will Be His Mother

Sarah Barbosa never thought she would become the new mother of a popcorn when she volunteered to take care of the eggs that a construction worker handed her.

Sarah Barbosa spent years working in the field of wild animal rehabilitation in the state of Massachusetts. After a while, she thought it was better to distance herself from her and relocated to Texas with her family.

Everything changed, though, when he read of a nest of little birds that had fallen. Sarah chose to leave her hideaway because the eggs were alone and unlikely to survive without her mother’s assistance.

The incident occurred as repairs were being done to a house’s roof. One of the workmen accidentally knocked the nest over and felt awful about it. They sought for aid and located Sarah thanks to the owner of the house and the worker.

Sarah, fortunately, had a lot of expertise in this area and even had an incubator at home. Sarah wasn’t sure what sort of birds laid the eggs because they were so little.

“They handed me a little package containing two eggs, and I wondered, ‘What type of eggs are these?’ They were little, hardly bigger than my thumb “Sarah remembered.

Sarah looked after the eggs for the following three days. Unfortunately, one of them died, while the other appeared to be perfectly healthy. When he was born, the dove recognized Sarah as his mother.

“A buddy said he reminded him of Kevin the bird from Up.” As a result, we decided to call him that. “We’re not sure if he’s male or female, but he definitely resembles Kevin,” Sarah added.

Sarah’s goal has always been to rehabilitate animals so they may be released back into the wild. However, this young dove did not appear to want to leave the Barbosas.