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Baby Black Panther Is Rescued By A Woman And Pointed Out For Raising Her With Her Dog

After their owner uploaded contentious photographs of them together, a black panther and a rottweiler dog have taken over the networks.

The animal kingdom may astound us, not only with its exotic beauty, but also with the unexpected friendships that can form between individuals of different species, teaching us the most valuable lessons.

Their friendship is unquestionably extraordinary. And since her owner, Victoria, a 31-year-old Siberian lady, posted videos and photos on social media, she has been chastised for keeping a wild animal as a pet alongside her canine.

@luna_the_pantera Dog & pantera😸 #fypシ #viral #dog #leopard #newyear ♬ Let Is Snow! – Dragos Cicu

Luna and Venza quickly became online celebrities, with over 180,000 Instagram followers and almost 6 million TikTok admirers.

As a result, Victoria was compelled to share Luna’s story, which rendered everyone speechless.

The young panther was really born in a zoo in Siberia, where his mother regretfully discarded him.

Her attendants worried for her life since her odds of survival were close to none. Victoria, on the other hand, who is an avid animal lover and a specialist in the care, feeding, and upbringing of large cats, did not hesitate to step in.

When he first encountered Luna, he noticed that she was extremely hungry and in need of nutrition, so he devised a special diet for her and committed himself to caring for her at all hours of the day and night in order to rescue her.

Luna had made it through the darkest months of her life. Victoria, on the other hand, had invested so much of her heart and her entire life in the little girl that she felt devoted to her and decided to bargain with the zoo to purchase her and give her the life she deserved.