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He Clings To His Horse For 3 Hours To Prevent It From Drowning In Quicksand

When a desperate lady realized she may lose her horse forever, her love for him became clear. She clutched him tightly, attempting to save him from drowning in the quicksand. More than one person is moved to tears by the outcome of this rescue.

Accidents happen when you least expect them, and a day of fun and enjoyment may quickly turn into a tragedy.

But not all of these scenarios end in tragedy, because the greatest remarkable rescues are made possible by collaboration and genuine love.

A woman from Melbourne, Australia, did everything she is capable of doing to support those she cares about on this day.

Nicole Graham went out on a stroll with her children and horses on Geerlong Beach, just outside Melbourne. Everything looked to be going swimmingly until the tide threw them off.

The women were riding their horses down the beach’s edge when they became stuck in the mud.

Nicole and her daughter were already on the ground when they managed to get up, and the girl’s horse followed suit. Astro, on the other hand, was unable to release himself from this muddy snare.

The horse made futile attempts to flee the position, but each time it did, the issue grew increasingly more difficult.

Astro sunk in front of Nicole’s stunned expression, and she refused to leave his side; it was impossible for her to aid him and manage to lift a beast weighing over 450 kilograms, but she at least attempted to console him.

Nicole has always had horses, and she presently has ten in her care, and strolling on the beach with them is a regular pastime for her, but this was the first time she had an experience like this.

The lady has now seen how dangerous some terrains may be, but she has also demonstrated her loyalty to her critters.

Take a look at this thrilling but courageous rescue with the greatest of endings: