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Heartbroken Ukrainian Refugees Have Had To Leave Everything

More than 3 million Ukrainians have been forced to escape the nation to save their lives in the middle of sorrow, pain, and hopelessness, as Russia continues its invasion, which is now in its 22nd day since it began on February 24.

Overnight, they had to discard all of their goods and travel with only the bare necessities in order to endure an unprecedented journey that may take several days in certain situations and with an unknown destination.

If there is one thing that typifies this nation, it is their true love for animals, which has been tempered by misfortune and pain. That is why hundreds of pet owners have stood firm in their refusal to abandon their animals.

“The creatures that people couldn’t leave behind are everywhere, amid the migration of more than 3 million people fleeing the Russian invasion: birds, bunnies, hamsters, cats and dogs,” NBC said in a worldwide release.

They have shown the best example of courage, as well as pure love, towards these creatures that are not to fault for anything, in the midst of a desolate terrain, escaping from their roots and a crumbling country.

While fleeing to Poland, Anna Zatsepa, owner of two Yorkshire terriers, stated, “At home, my pups live on the pillow; they are little, and their physique and health are not really suited for this trip.”

“They’re like children, and we can’t leave them behind,” she explained, confident in her decision.

Animal shelters, on the other hand, are pleading for assistance since they are overwhelmed with the number of pets abandoned in their homes or abandoned in the middle of the road.

Others, however, have endangered their lives while moving their pups across bridges, homemade roads, or even in the face of flames.