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Sea Lion Invades A Hotel Pool, Then Forces A Tourist To Give Up His Lounger

Hotels that only accept reservations? A female sea lion showed a visitor how to have a free soldier’s day at a fancy hotel in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

When holidays include visiting a natural setting, every tourist is aware that they may come into a local animal at any moment, but who would have guessed that you might be invaded by a very specific character in a hotel pool?

Wend is a sea lion that lives in his natural environment but is so accustomed to people and the perks of a rich lifestyle that he never misses an occasion to swim in the Galapagos Islands’ most costly hotels.

This is something that the locals are well aware of, but when you arrive for the first time, you do not expect to be surprised.

After swimming and roaming about the hotel amenities for a bit, this lovely critter chose to lay on one of the loungers at the pool this month.

Wendy performed it in broad daylight, and she wasn’t even bothered by the presence of a man in the chair.

The location’s CCTV cameras filmed the sea lion enjoying the amenities, as it typically does on a regular basis, but this time the beast went further, rebuking the guy for getting up from his comfy spot to use them.

She leaps out of the water like a rambunctious child and onto the seat. The astonished man does nothing more than walk away from her and give her space right immediately.

The footage of the humorous incident starring this bold sea mammal came to light thanks to a tourist who snapped some panoramic views from the balcony, and the event went viral.

“The animals are greatly respected and cherished here: everyone is advised to keep a 2 meter distance from them and not to touch or feed them.” While sitting on our balcony, I shot this video. “My husband and I were on our honeymoon in the Galapagos,” the woman explained.

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It must have been a huge surprise for the pair, and they must have laughed hysterically at the chutzpah of this sea lioness. Just as the man whose seat in the pool was taken afterwards did.

After the video went viral on social media, the administrators of the Hotel Solymar, where the event occurred, expressed their gratitude to the special guest: Wendy.

Furthermore, the sea lioness does not visit them alone, but is joined by her pup. Locals call this tiny kid Lulu.